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Tryouts for our mock trial teams typically occur in early September. Students who would like to tryout will receive tryout materials which consist of portions of opening statements, closing arguments, and direct examinations. They will choose one opening statement or closing argument to deliver, as well as one direct examination to perform as a witness alongside a coach or varsity captain who will ask the attorney's questions. Finally, students will be given a question at their tryout (such as "Should chess be considered a sport?") and they will be given one minute to argue the pros and one minute to argue the cons (eg. "Yes, chess involves competitions and significant mental exertion and should, therefore, be considered a sport..." ; "No, chess does not meet the threshold requirement for the amount of physical exertion in order to be considered a sport...").

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Tryout materials and dates for the 2024-25 season have not yet been released.

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